February 20, 2020

 Our customer, the Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired, wanted to brand their offices so that people would be able to find them as they are located at the end of a very long access road.  The goals were simple: reflect the brand logo exactly as it is using face lit channel letters.  The tag line didn't need to be lit, but it did have to reflect the correct colors.

We started working with the City of West Allis on what would be allowed at the location based on existing codes.  We determined that we would have an ample allowance when it came to the signs.  Despite what many people think, the folks at West Allis Planning are very helpful and great to work with.  Once we determined what is allowed, we had the customer's logo, now it was time to set up the proof.

Our proof went through multiple people to ensure that we stuck to the branding guideline.  This included their marke...

February 18, 2020

  This started with the need for a new design for the sign.  The old design had been there fro quite some time and it was time to refresh the design.  We started by working with Steve on colors.  Some colors look better on backlit signs than others.  Once we had the background color decided on, we were able to place the necessary information on the sign.  

After a number of proofs, we had a design that the owner was very happy with.  But we weren't done yet.  Because backlit signs tend to use harsh lighting, we wanted to make sure that the color would look good in the daytime and at night.  We test printed a part of the sign and placed it on a sample piece of lexan.  We invited Steve to our offices to see how the color presented in front of fluorescent tube lights.  We also adjusted the color to account for the fluorescent tubes just to show Steve how it should look.  Onc...

February 3, 2020

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin – About two years ago, one of the larger buildings in our area became vacant.  We know most of our neighbors and we were looking forward to meeting the new neighbors.  Well, after they moved in they were difficult to catch.  That, plus a locked front door made it difficult.  So I would leave a packet of information on the front door or maybe a business card in the window.  Either way, it didn’t work. We were not able to talk with our new neighbors.  That was until they were visiting one of our neighbors. 

It turns out that the company was Capital Heating and Cooling, one of the premier commercial and residential HVAC companies in southeastern Wisconsin.  They have a very large fleet of commercial vehicles and they really weren’t too terribly happy with the company that was designing and installing their commercial vehicle wraps.  Good for us but...

January 28, 2020

This customer came to us through one of the national sign companies we do business with. The scope was a rebranding of the US headquarters here in Milwaukee. This included a set of 30" channel letters 46' up on the side of the building.

The channel letters are face lit, meaning that the fronts of the letters light up. The cool part of this sign is that the font is a proprietary font that only Millipore Sigma can use. And believe me, they are very protective of the font.

When we began the permitting process with the City of Milwaukee, we had multiple pages of signs, layouts and maps that we had to walk the city through to show them that most of the new signage replaced existing signs that had already been permitted years ago. After a few hours of going back and forth with the city, they issued the permits and the project moved into production.

The installation took the better part of a day and went witho...

January 22, 2020

This original design by Optimum Signs, started with a discussion with our customer about what he wanted. He had some ideas for design, more parts than the whole layout, but it was enough to get started.

Our customer operates a cafe in downtown Milwaukee that helps returning veterans reacclimate to a life after the military. They are a band of US veterans coming together to provide job training and employment to our brothers and sisters returning from military service. They provide a vocational school and internship programs and operate a community café, open to the public.

This design incorporates digital camo throughout, with the red, white and blue. No design would be complete for our service men and woman without a rendering of the dog tags that these brave men and woman wear. Our process on design was pretty simple: discuss with the customer what they like, then provide a basic design. After the or...

October 29, 2019

When the folks at Empower Credit Union contacted us to get our help on the rebranding of a new location, we were excited.  Rebranding locations is one of many things that we have a great deal of experience with.  

When we walked the property with our customer, one of the issues we like to address is the location and style of the existing signs.  Do the existing signs reflect the look that the company wants? It is far more economical to replace the entire sign once, rather than changing out part of it only to come back and replace the whole sign.  We also reached out to the municipality to ensure that all the existing signs were permitted and that there haven't been any changes to the size allowance of the signs.  You would be surprised how often the codes change and what was allowed before is no longer allowed.  In this case everything was status quo so we could proceed.  Permits were applie...

September 30, 2019

      One of our neighbors, Rocket Clicks Inc.,  came to us to see if we could liven up their conference room walls.  They were also looking to provide a visual break in the perfectly clear glass walls that someone may have walked into headfirst.  That definitely is a drawback of glass conference room walls. Rocket Clicks had one additional ask: can we incorporate color into the design? Why not.

     We started with the company logo.  The logo worked perfectly. The bright red rocket printed on the etched glass and the name of the company removed from the vinyl gave them exactly what they wanted.  With both sides measuring over 18' in length, we had to make sure that the aspect ratio was correct so the logo didn't looked stretched.  We also decided to run a number of test prints to make sure we got the red exactly correct because when you print on translucent you lose some of the co...

March 8, 2018

When we received the call from Layton Liquor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we really didn’t know what they we looking for other than they needed our help.  The owner, Bobby, said that his current monument sign was damaged and needed to be replaced.  And that is where the story starts.  If you look above, you can see that we ended up creating a 14’ tall wine bottle monument sign. What a better way to highlight a liquor store!

When Bobby challenged us to design a unique sign unlike anything that was currently on Layton Avenue we took that challenge seriously.  The area is heavily populated with pylon and monument signs of all shapes and sizes, but nothing that resembled our wine bottle idea.  We took the signs in the area into account when we proposed this sign.  This is one of the advantages of working with Optimum Signs. We take the time to listen to our customers and reflect their wishes and tak...

January 24, 2018

When we were called by the manager for the Grand Avenue Mall parking structure in downtown Milwaukee, they needed to update a very large building banner.  The company manages the parking structure directly connected to the Grand Avenue Mall.  The 20’ banner was printed on an industrial mesh that faded over the years and drastically needed to be updated. 

As we were working through the design for the new banner, our customer wasn’t really sure how the new ideas would look on the face of the building.  One of many advantages of working with Optimum Signs is that we provide full color photos of what the finished product will look like once installed.  This is part of the suite of customer services we offer as part of our standard customer service.    When the customer saw what their banner would look like, we had to make a few changes.  We enhanced the orange and increased the color satura...

December 21, 2017

When we were contacted by Best Buy located in Long Island, New York, we had a good idea what they were looking for.  They had just purchased a state-of-the-art package management system and they wanted to brand it.  As we have done many of these, we knew how to proceed.

Best Buy is always looking for ways to improve their customer’s experience. That is why they have added this package management system to one of their stores.  The way the system works is you can order products and have them shipped directly to the store and not pay any shipping.  With the amount of theft occurring when packages are left at people’s homes, this make a lot of sense. For Best Buy, it makes sense because they don’t have to stock everything you may want in their stores. They can have the product in a regional warehouse and ship them to the store as needed.  It also helps control inventory costs and the potential loss....

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