September 21, 2017

Waterstone Mortgage is currently in the process of expanding their offices in the Midwest to include downtown Chicago.  With this being a location in a high value office space and the company wanting to present a professional image, we had some work to do in the design of the sign.

When it comes to lobby signs, there are really only two items that need to be determined: the material and the mounting.  Most companies have their logo that they want on the wall, it just becomes an issue as to which material best represents the look that the company is working with.

When it comes to material, there are hundreds of choices. Foam or acrylic? Metal or plastic? Wood or vinyl? Each item has a specific look that can, if used correctly, reflect the marketing approach of a company.  With Waterstone Mortgage, they wanted the high-end look that deserved a place on the wall of a downtown office building on LaSalle St...

August 4, 2017

One of the many things our corporate customers ask us to do is to develop a complete, building wide ADA and way finding system that gives them the ability to look professional and maintain costs.  Oh, and if you can, let's throw in there the ability to change out tenants without have to remake the entire sign.  And that is exactly what we did with this install.

This system starts with the face plates. The plates can be ordered in a large number of color combinations.  The lettering and symbols are raised just over 1/8", which complies with the current ADA standards.  By adding braille, the signs fulfill the ADA standard for ADA signage.  If all we need is general wayfinding, we can leave the braille off the sign. Either way, all the signs match across both platforms.  With the ability to customize the signs, in this case, by adding a .25" acrylic backer with a laminated, brushed metal finish, we...

July 14, 2017

For the past three years, we have been working closely with the administration of Falls Baptist Church/College in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  We have done design work, we have applied cut graphics to vans and created banners for special events.  When they mentioned that they might have something rather large coming in for a complete wrap, we really didn’t know what to expect.

Our customer has been designing for the church and the college for the last few years but had never tackled anything too large.  So when he sent over the art file we were rather surprised.  The 53′ Trail Liner passenger bus was a monster.  The story behind how they came to acquire the bus is an example of faith. Check out their story at The Bus.  We have tackled some large projects before but this was truly eye opening.

The art file alone was over 50 meg! We started by pulling apart the art file...

January 17, 2017

When we were contacted by one of our partners and asked if we could help them come up with an ecenomical way to deliver a custom wall sign, we didn’t really know what they were thinking of.  We knew that Elmbrook Church was rebranding the interior of the church (both in Brookfield and Hartland) and coupling that with a launch of an updated website. The scope and scale of this project turned out to be rather large.

As it turns out, the church has a wall near the kids center that measureas about 90′ long that they wanted to put the logo for the kids area on. We showed them multiple different ideas from custom cut laser acrylic to a vinyl print.  The customer liked the idea of a raised substrate, like the 1/2″ cut acrylic. They just didn’t have the budget for it as the sign measures 73″ x 64″.  So how do we give the customer what they wanted at an economical price? When I sat down with my designers and e...

January 12, 2017

Optimum Signs believes that our unique talents should be shared far and wide and when we were contacted to print and install a custom design for Kennesaw State University in Marietta, Georgia, we were excited to help.  Our customer came to us with a design but not much else. That’s another area that we shine!

We started with rough dimensions of the lockers and because the manufacturer is located in France, the process of converting the design took a little bit of time.  Our designers spent the better part of two hours working on the conversion and on the phone with the designers to make sure we understood what we were being asked to wrap.  Once we converted all of the measurements to english standard measurements, we were able to lay out the design.  Our designs were adamant that there are no seams on the face of the lockers.  This took a little bit of time to create an overlap of almos...

January 12, 2017

This was a project that will go into the books as one of the most intricate sets of channel letters Optimum Signs has done.  We battled the CIty, the building owner, the contractors that built the building, and ultimately the weather.

When we started this project, we were asked if we could mount a set of channel letters to the front of a building that was going to be mostly glass.  So we met with the General Contractor to discuss what we needed to ensure that the sign was safe and did what the franchise owner wanted.  As we were going through the prints, we discovered that outside of a central I-beam that ran the length of the building, the only choice we had was to mount the raceway to the window frames.  This is what is sometimes referred to as a really bad idea.  So my construction team went to work on a solution.  They determined that the I-beam would provide a stable and rugged foundation to moun...

October 8, 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and what better way to recognize the month than by wrapping the face of a building in bright pink. Our customer, Gordie Boucher Ford Lincoln in West Bend contacted us about doing this we jumped at the opportunity. The Gordie Boucher dealerships have always had a strong social conscience and what a great way to help bring attention to a worthy cause.

This project covered an area 30' tall by 18' wide.  We started by making sure that the surface of the building was both clean and dry. This shouldn't have been an issue but because it rained 5 of the 6 days leading up to the install, it took some time to make sure that everything was dry.  We used large bath towels to wipe down the faces of the building and to make sure no moisture was hiding in the seams of the building face panels.  We started applying precut panels of vinyl to the building and we d...

August 29, 2016

Growth is always fun.  It can happen suddenly, or take some time, but either way, every business wants it.  Armstrong General Contractors is no different. They have been growing at a very steadly pace over the past two years.  So much so, that they have added a number of new vehicles to their fleet.  The fun part of this was that we did their first truck when they started up almost two years ago and it was also one of Optimum Signs first vehicles we wrapped.

Two years ago when Armstrong General Contracting showed up at our door with an idea for vehicle graphics, all they had was a logo and a pickup.  They spent the better part of a day working with our designer on what the truck should look like. We went through multiple versions. Graphics on the doors, graphics down the entire side, logo only, contact only, and about 5 other options.  When we finally got the design that...

August 16, 2016

Our latest project for Hall Imports, located in Brookfield Wisconsin started with the design.  They knew that they wanted something that really stood out. Maybe a design that made the car look like it had been in a crash.  We took it from there.  Our designer jumped at the chance to create a custom wrap using different source photos to create the image they were looking for.

When we started this project, we started by determining the best color combinations. We needed something that would give good contrast to the photos but still work with the native color of the car.  We settled on a soft blue. This color also worked with the color of the dealership's logo.  The photos we used show serious damage to a car door and ripped metal. Our designer overlayed the photos and worked on correcting the color and contrast so the photos really stood out.  The picture of the torn and wrinkled car doo...

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