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Vehicle Wraps in Milwauke, WI Quality vs.Price

What’s The Cost of a Wrap, Really?

More than any other sign we sell, car wrap pricing seems to confuse customers the most. How can price estimates vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

Here are a few simple questions to ask to make sure you are getting the best wrap for you:

What’s Being Wrapped?

Be aware that not all parts of the car may be included with a low price car wrap job. For example, the car wrap price may not include the roof, side mirrors, or any performance parts like spoilers or scoops.

How Will Your Car Be Prepped?

Before any vinyl is applied, a car must be cleaned thoroughly, dried, and wiped down with solvent in order to remove all traces of dirt and wax. Otherwise, the vinyl won’t properly stick to the car – creating areas that don’t look finished and won’t last as long. Certain parts on the car need to be removed and wrapped separately to get a professional, finished look. Discount car wrap price quotes probably won’t include the proper vehicle preparation and disassembly.

What Materials Are Being Used?

Does the quality of the vinyl matter in vehicle wrapping? YES! Lower quality vinyl creates more errors, doesn’t look as good, and won’t last as long. Many wrap companies promise brand names like Avery and 3M trying to make you think you are buying the best quality vinyl and laminates. Though those two brands offer the best vehicle wrap material, they make several grades of vinyl, ranging from performance to economy lines. So if your low price car wrap quote says Avery or 3M, chances are you aren’t getting their best material. Or, you might not be given 3M products at all. You might not initially notice the difference, but soon enough you’ll see bubbles, tearing, and color fading. So make sure to ask for your vinyl by brand and product number. No matter what, make sure you get proof that the products you asked and paid for were actually installed on your car.

What Design Are You Putting on Your Car?

Will a skilled designer work with you to create eye-popping artwork that is unique to your business or is the installer simply winging design as he goes? If the design isn’t carefully crafted to drive business, why get a wrap at all? Make sure you have the opportunity to approve the full design before an inch of vinyl gets installed.

Who Is Installing the Wrap?

As car wraps continually prove to be an effective form of advertising, more shops have entered the business. To keep costs down, they hire unskilled workers to quickly handle wraps. High quality, professional car wrap jobs require incredible attention to detail. This means that for your car to look its best, even the most experienced installers need to take their time to do the job right. If someone promises you a car wrap in a really fast turnaround time, chances are you won’t be impressed by the final result.

If you have a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles that need graphics or even a full wrap, call Optimum Signs at 262.289.9481 or email at

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