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Etched Glass in Milwaukee WI – Relief Cut? Decal? Frosted? High Luster vs. Low Luster? What does it

One of the trends in business offices today is the return of the glass wall conference room. The glass conference room was all the buzz back in the late 80’s and is returning to vogue. But when dealing with a “fish bowl” what options are there to ensure some type of privacy while maintaining the look of the glass walls? The options are many but as you will see they are very easy to understand as long as you don’t get caught up in the vernacular.

The first decision that is needed is how much of the glass do you want to cover. A lot or a little, both can look exquisite if designed correctly. The design must reflect the corporate culture and most times working the corporate logo into the design is recommended. There are a number of ways to achieve the design that you are looking for. One is to relief cut the vinyl. This means we use a full sheet of vinyl and remove the design. The etched glass provides a substantial amount of privacy yet not complete as the design is removed from the vinyl. If you have conferences where you want some degree of privacy this would be the correct choice. The other option is to use the etched glass as a decal. We create the design by cutting out and removing the majority of the etched glass and then applying the vinyl to the glass. This option allows for an extreme amount of creativity as entire scenes can be created. Imagine an underwater scene complete with bubbles, seaweed, and fish.

To a great degree, the type of vinyl we use is determined by the design. High luster means that there is a large amount of sparkle in the vinyl. Low luster resembles more of a milky color with no sparkle. Of course it really isn’t that easy as there are multiple degrees of sparkle and different levels of opacity. If you are working with a company like Optimum Signs, we will make recommendations and help simplify this process for you.

Remember, etched glass can be used anywhere there is a glass or plexi-glass surface. It adds a look of class and can really make a design stand out. If you are looking to add a touch of class to your offices or you have glass doors that really need some panash, give Optimum Signs a call at 262.289.9481 or email at

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